Room Booking

Room Booking

Altough it’s not absolutely necessary, most people prefer to book their rooms before the check-in. To do that, you can use Dormitory council’s booking system (system is fully available in English):

Please, read help carefully. There, it’s thoroughly described how to make your reservation. There is also concept of alliances, useful when you want to live with someone in particular. It’s also described in help. We will not answer the question which is already answered in the help! Any other questions and technical problems can be sent to Questions sent by FB (no matter if Dormitory council’s or and personal of the members) will not speed up answer. We will first answer questions from the mail and after that, if we will still have some time will answer questions from FB.

Time schedule of each round is available after logging in. First round begins 16. 8. at 20:00. Booking will be definitely over at 27. 8. at 23:59 – after that we must hand over the results to accomodation office.

You can either login through CAS UK (just click on link “CAS UK” on the main page and log in). Unfortunately, there was a problem this year with logging in first-year students through CAS UK. Because we have no way to determine who is a first-year student and who is not, we are sending our special password to everyone. This password is usable only for booking your room, there is no connection to CAS UK.

We strongly advise to check, if your primary and secondary rights to your current room are set up correct. 

Because this password is sent by e-mail and there are many services, that don’t secure their communications, we recommend to change your password as soon as possible. It’s just for your safety. We are not responsible for any complications in case that your password will be stolen.

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