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Reservation system failure

Reservation system failure

What happend:

Yesterday, when the 4th round of the reservation process started, whole system felt down because of overload of the server. Situation was simmilar to DDoS attack, even this time no interest of fail was present but only extreme interest of students about new room in comparison with previous years. This state was repaired after 11pm, after was declared at the FB page of Dormitory council and in FB group of Kajetanka dormitory, that we postpone whole reservation by 24 hours. System was released and admins could finaly even login to the server. Unfortunately not everyone was know of this postpone and also some of students did not respect it and reserved their rooms before admins could even lock the system. Significant amount of users also made their reservation befor system felt down. Unfortunately we are unable technicaly swith the one who made reservation befor and after system failure.

Current state:

Reservation system is locked and will be open again today at 9pm. 4th round will continue where stopped.

What will be next:

The fairest solution would be whole restart of the 4th round. Unfortunatelly that is not technically possible. Restoring system from backup from previous rounds is also complicated and with this step we could risk that we will not made whole reservation before deadline of accomodation office and in that fact none reservation will be kept. From this reason we are going by way of less damage and every single reservation made till now will be kept. Rest of rooms can be reserve after the system will be unlocked, today at 9pm.

We are sorry for any complication and ambiguity and please for understanding the situation.